‘Come Inspect The Bullet Proof Car From My Home ’-Bobi Wine Tells URA

‘Come Inspect The Bullet Proof Car From My Home ’-Bobi Wine Tells URA

By Mable Nakibuuka

The National Unity Platform (NUP) president Robert Kyagulanyi aak Bobi Wine, has told officials from the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) to inspect his bullet proof car from his home at Magere, instead of taking it back to their bond in Nakawa.

The URA last week sent operatives to Bobi Wine’s home in Magerere, who said they wanted to re-inspect his bullet proof car, claiming that they undervalued it during clearance because they didn’t know it was bullet proof.

However, Bobi Wine, through his lawyer Anthony Wameli, barred the URA operatives from touching his vehicle and demanded that they first secure  a court order to that effect, because there is no law that allows URA to repossess goods that have been duly cleared from their bonds and taxes for the same goods have been paid.

We have established that officials from the URA  have since accepted to inspect the vehicle again, although Bobi Wine insists that they must do it in his presence and  the inspection must be witnessed by other people, among them his lawyers.

Meanwhile, the High Court Commercial Division, which is presided over by Justice Emmanuel Baguma, has set April 6th as the date for hearing the case Bobi Wine filed in the same court, seeking a court order barring URA from impounding his vehicle under the guise of wanting to inspect it again.

It should be noted that the said vehicle, a Toyota Land Cruiser V8, was imported in January by a Kenyan businessman identified as  Fauz Khalid, who cleared it and paid all its taxes, before URA gave it a number plate UBJ 667F, after which he later handed it to Bobi Wine.

However, URA officials claim that at first they didn’t know the vehicle was bullet proof during inspection, reason why they want to return it to their warehouse, inspect it again and announce the actual amount of taxes it was supposed to pay.

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