Golden Band Director Ssemakula’s Wife Nakayi  In Bitter Beef With TV Star Precious Remmy  

Golden Band Director Ssemakula’s Wife Nakayi  In Bitter Beef With TV Star Precious Remmy  

By Mable Nakibuuka

There is a very bitter silent war raging on between singer Mesach Ssemakula’s wife and Spark TV star Precious Remmy.

According to our Moles, whenever Remmy is not busy with her job at the TV station, she often hangs out at Ssemakula’s Papaz Spot, which is a cozy hangout in Makindye.

However, for all the months she has been going there, Moles reveal that  Remmy has over time become too close for comfort with Ssemakula, whereby she had even started enjoying privileges like being treated to special service whenever she goes there.

Things went to another level after Ssemakula featured Remmy in his ‘Onkuba’ video as a vixen, something that gave her exclusive rights to see him whenever and wherever she felt like.

Mesach Ssemakula and Precious Remmy in the ‘Onkuba’ video

But Moles reveal that Remmy’s rendezvous with  Ssemakula ended abruptly a few days ago after Nakayi learnt from her pals that  whenever she is at Papaz  Spot she tight-marks Ssemakula so much that she leaves other clients wondering who she is in his life.

It is said that after learning about their rendezvous, Nakayi dropped in at the hangout a few days ago unexpectedly and bumped into them deeply engrossed in each other’s reveries.

According to Moles who were  at the place that day, what erupted between the two women was a 3rd World War of sorts as Nakayi reportedly assured the TV star to back off her man.

Ssemakula feeling Precious Remmy’s booty in the video

We are told their bitter clash ended up with Nakayi banning Remmy from stepping foot at Papaz Spot again if she still wants to remain in one piece.

Since then  the two women no longer have kind words for each other, although Nakayi is still raging with anger and vowing to teach someone a lesson they’ll never forget.

However, efforts to contact either Remmy or Ssemakula for a comment about this matter were futile because they couldn’t be reached through their known phone contacts.


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