Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odong Finally Unveils List Of Ugandans Who were Abducted By Security Forces

Internal Affairs Minister Gen. Jeje Odong Finally Unveils List Of Ugandans Who were Abducted By Security Forces

By Mable Nakibuuka

After waiting for several days ever since the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Alitwala Kadaga tasked the Minister for Internal Affairs Gen. Jeje Odong to produce a list of all  Ugandans who were abducted, he has finally tabled it before parliament.

Minister Odong appeared before parliament today, where he presented the long-awaited list before Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah, revealing that the government has 177 people in custody, who were arrested from various parts of the country for specific reasons.

According to the Minister, many of the  suspects were arrested for engaging in riots and holding illegal meetings with intent to stage strikes in Kampala and other parts of the country.

The Minister’s statement about the matter reads in part thus;

“Rt Hon. Speaker, Hon. Colleagues, you will recollect that about three weeks ago I made a statement on alleged kidnaps. At that time I indicated that I was making a preliminary statement on the matter. Further, I indicated that I would make a subsequent statement once investigations had revealed more information.

Today therefore, I am pleased to share with you more information on this matter.

Today I’m presenting to you a list of 177 (one hundred and seventy seven) names clearly identifying the person, the date when the person was arrested, the place where the person was arrested from, the reason why the person was arrested and the case management history.

I have the honor to lay the list on table Rt. Hon. Speaker. In summary there are 43 persons arrested for participating in the riots, 156 found in possession of military stores and 17 arrested from meetings planning post-election violence, 06 persons were released on police bond.

In conclusion, going forward I would like to inform the house and the general public that a copy of this list is at police HQS with the office of the CPC. The public is encouraged to check with that office the whereabouts of their missing persons and to get permission to visit them. However in doing so we should maintain SOPs and avoid overcrowding.

Rt. Hon, speaker, Hon colleagues, thank you for giving me the opportunity to present the list.”

But, whereas the Minister contends that only 177 people are in detention, going by the figures he gave,  he contradicts himself, because it means that there are 216 people, the ones who were released not inclusive.






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