Ray G Faces Arrest For Failing To Perform At Wedding After Being Paid

Ray G Faces Arrest For Failing To Perform At Wedding After Being Paid

By Mable Nakibuuka

Renowned musician  Reagan Muhairwe aka Ray G,  who is popularly amongst music lovers in western Uganda, has landed in hot soup after he was paid to perform at wedding but despite  pocketing the dime, he never appeared at venue on the agreed date.

As you read this,  Ray G is wanted together with his manager Clifford Mwine, the proprietor of Awesome Entertainment Ltd,  who are both accused by businessman Frank Mugisha, of receiving Shs2m from him as payments for a performance at his wedding.

Demand Notice from Frank Mugisha’s 


Mugisha, through his lawyers of Mubiru & Aruho Associated Advocates, claims that on December 2nd, 2020, he entered into an agreement with Ray G and Mwine to the effect that Ray G would perform at his wedding which was to be held on December 27th, 2020, at Ishongororo, Ibanda District.

He duly paid them the agreed sum of Shs2m but on the day of the wedding, Ray did not appear to perform at the function as agreed with Mugisha, without any communication as to why he had not turned up.

As if that was not enough, Mugisha and his guests were shocked to learn that Ray G had instead performed at the wedding of a one Cuthbert in Ishaka, on the same day he was supposed to perform at Mugisha’s wedding.

It is because of his double standards, being untrustworthy and because he breached the contract he had with Mugisha, that since lawyers have since decided to take the matter to court, such that  Ray G can be compelled to refund the money and reimburse Mugisha of the losses he suffered.

Mugisha’s lawyers have since written to Ray G and his manager Mwine a demand notice cum intention to sue demanding a refund of the Shs2m the received, plus Shs10m as compensation to Mugisha for the losses he suffered due to their breach of contract, plus Shs3 as legal fees.

Ray G and his manager have been given five days to either do what has been demanded of them or be prepared to face the full brunt of the law.

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