Minister Oryem Trashes Kagame Talk About Uganda Interfering In Rwanda Affairs

Minister Oryem Trashes Kagame Talk About Uganda Interfering In Rwanda Affairs

By Ivan Mwine

The State Minister for Foreign Affairs Hon. Henry Okello Oryem has refuted allegations that were uttered by Rwanda President Paul Kagame, who said that there are elements in Uganda that keep interfering with Rwanda’s security.

President Paul Kagame with other guests at the wedding

Kagame made the said utterances while at the wedding of  late Maj. Gen. Fred Gisa Rwigyema’s daughter, Teta Gisa Rwigyema with Marvin Manzi, during  which he reiterated that the reason why Rwanda’s borders with Uganda still remain closed is because of the interference by Uganda into Rwanda’s political and security affairs.

He alleged that Ugandan authorities  spread distorted information and insults about him and Rwigyema. 

He noted that Ugandans were orchestrating the same by sowing discord between his and Rwigyema’s families.

Gisa Teta Rwigyema and hubby Marvin Manzi at their wedding

Kagame said it was inappropriate that Rwigyema’s son, Eric Gisa Junior, who has lived in U.S. for years, was not at the wedding because has over years not stepped foot in  to Rwanda.
“I was looking around and didn’t see Gisa’s son. He should be here,” said Kagame.

“He added that; ” I ask you Teta, Janet and your grandmother to deliver my message to him that the country which his father, myself and others fought for is his home. He shouldn’t be seeking asylum outside. It’s not right.”

“More to that, he shouldn’t be coming and stopping in the neighbouring country. He should be in Rwanda, may be traveling to wherever he would like and returning, but not permanently living in exile,” he went on to say.

However, in reply to Kagame’s statement, Minister Oryem  said that what Kagame is saying is not true, because Uganda is a country that always maintains good relations with her neighbours.

“Uganda is very busy at the moments. We are done with elections now we are ensuring that the electorates get services, implementing president Museveni’s manifesto and key objectives,” Oryem told the press Monday.

He added that; ” We have no interest in any country around the world. We wish them good, especially our neighborhours, we wish them very well in whatever they are doing. We don’t interfere in their affairs; anything they do in their country it is up to them. “

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