15 Celebrities With The Sweetest Smiles Exposed

15 Celebrities With The Sweetest Smiles Exposed

By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

A part from their talents, most male fans will tell you they have aesthetic reasons why they like certain female musicians.

On a good day if you ask half of Desire Luzinda’s male fans why they like her so much,  it is likely that more than a half of them  will tell you if  it was not for her attractively curvy body they wouldn’t pay attention to her videos. However, the other half will say she is attractive because of her beautiful smile.

Desire Luzinda

But she is not the only one with a sweet smile, here is a list of 15  female Ugandan musicians that make men take a second and may be a third look at some of their best sweet smiles.

Lilian Mbabazi

I would be hard pressed to name 5 songs by this photogenic beauty, but I can assure you that she has the best smile among female Ugandan musicians.

Lillian Mbabazi


Cindy Sanyu

The “Ayokya yokya” singer might not have a flawless skin but the moment she smiles her face is transformed into this beauty that makes you feel good inside by just looking at her. Personally I like it when she smiles shyly during interviews.


Grace Nakimera

I have a feeling one of the physical attributes that attracted her Mzungu baby daddy is her  perfect gorgeous  smile.


Irene Ntale

She had gained weight over the years and any one blessed with the gift of sight can tell she has been bleaching but one thing remains perfect, her absolutely gorgeous smile.


Sheebah Karungi

Hate or love her, this girl is a natural beauty. She doesn’t even have to smile to look good.


Winnie Nwagi

She might not be the wife material like she recently confessed but when it comes to looks, the curvy singer has a very disarming smile.


Rachael Kiwanuka

What springs in mind when you think about  Rachael K is an image of a sweet, coy and cheeky girl.


Rhema Namakula

Some guys swear upon God that the talented singer’s dimples are to die for  whenever she smiles and I can’t agree no farther than that.


Mariam Ndagire

She is fit to be my mother. Hahaha. Just kidding but this dark skinned beauty is up there with public figures who have perfect smiles.


Natasha Sinayobye

I am not so sure if she has what it takes to be a singer but what I know is this attractive actress has a swoon worthy smile.

Natasha Sinayobye


Angela Kalule

The silken voiced “Katikiti’ has a very romantic smile, that makes her lips look chewable.


Irene Namubiru

I can clearly see some of the things former vice president Gilbert Bukenya and former NTV news anchor Gabriel Epenu liked about this seductive mother of two; her very beautiful smile.


Spice Diana

Actually her smile is simply spiced up! When she smiles, even a priest can think twice about his celibacy vows.



Baby Gloria

Well, she is no longer a baby anymore, but being a babe, she remains someone baby. This gospel singer has a seductive smile, the one that can easily melt a man’s heart.

Brenda Seruw

She is a bootylicious city model and party animal whose smiles leave many dudes entertaining fantasies in their heads as they day-dream about her.


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