21 Arrested After Police Raids City Sex Party

21 Arrested After Police Raids City Sex Party


By Mable Nakibuuka

The Police in Kireka arrested over 21 people who had staged a sex party at rented apartment in Kireka, where they were ferociously enjoying themselves, in total disregard of the Ministry of Health regulations of preventing the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


According to  our sources, the suspects were arrested after police and Local Defence Unit operatives  got a tip off from one of the neighbours, about loud music that was emanating from a rented apartment.

These were the Kimansulo dancers entertaining the partiers

On raiding the area, the police and LDU were shocked to land on a group of Karaoke dancers, locally known as ‘Kimansulo dancers’, many of who were naked,  entertaining a group of people, who were watching the naked girls.

“As they watched Kimansulo, the suspects were enjoying all types of alcohol, while smoking Shisha,” a cop who was at the scene said on condition of anonymity.

The businessmen who hired the Kimansulo dancers with their lovers

The detective added that “All the suspects were not only breaching the Presidential Directives to prevent the spread of COVID-19 but they were engaging in other criminal acts like smoking Shisha,  watching and practicing live pornography, among others.”

Among those arrested were the Kimansulo dancers who included a few men and several naked girls, who were rounded up together with  their people who had hired them.

The police recovered several  Shisha bottles, bottles of alcohol, drugs, a mattress, knickers, and other effects of the partiers, although no used condoms were recovered at the scene.

All the Kimansulo Dancers were arrested

By the time of filing this story however the suspects were still in detention at Kira police awaiting screening, awaiting to be arraigned in court to face various charges when investigations are completed.

Commenting about the matter, the police stated thus in a press release;

“Police in Kampala Metropolitan Area have raided and arrested 21 suspects who participated in a sex party.

The party was taking place in a private house located in Kireka, Kira Municipality. Intelligence got information about the party and planted informants to monitor and inform the police when the party has started.
Towards midnight, the police was notified that the sex games had started and we swung in action.

We got the participants red handed. They have been arrested and detained at Kira Division Police Station on charges of disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of infectious disease, which is coronavirus.
Their files are being prepared and they will appear in court tomorrow.
SP Patrick Onyango

They were smoking Shisha and drinking all types of alcohol

It should be noted that ever since government closed bars as a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, many people have resorted to drinking behind closed doors, with many of them locking themselves inside houses and drinking joints to enjoy booze.


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