396 Ugandan Domestic Workers Jailed In Jordan For Escaping From Brutal Master

396 Ugandan Domestic Workers Jailed In Jordan For Escaping From Brutal Master

By Our Reporter

At least 396 Ugandan female domestic workers are languishing in jails in Jordan, in the United Arab Emirates, after they were accused of escaping from the homes of their masters who were treating them like slaves.

It is alleged that some of the jailed Ugandan women refused to complete their contracts, although most of them allegedly escaped from their masters due to mistreatment and that’s why they were jailed.

One of the Domestic workers jailed in Jordan

However, sources in Jordan who availed some of the pictures of those in jail revealed that many of these women are sick and some are dying in jail, yet several efforts to contact Ugandan embassies in the United Arab Emirates for rescue have landed on deaf ears.

This Lady is also in jail in Jordan

Besides that, many of them cannot travel or avail identification details about themselves because their passports and other vital documents were confiscated by either their masters or the labour recruitment companies.

Our reporters tried to contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for a comment about this matter but they couldn’t be reached on their office lines.


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