Baboon Forest’s GNL Zamba Unleashes ‘The Spear’ Album

Baboon Forest’s GNL Zamba Unleashes ‘The Spear’ Album


By Mable Nakibuuka

Whoever thought that Uganda’s celebrated Luga-flow and Hip-Hop maestro Ernest Nsimbi Zamba  aka GNL Zamba gave up on his music career to concentrate on his Mzungu wife Miriam Tamara should go and bury their heads in sand!

This is because the rapper is still going on strong with his music and as you read this, he has already dropped his new album for the year 2020 dubbed ‘The Spear’.

GNL Zamba and wife Miriam Tamara Nsimbi

Moles  who have had a special opportunity to listen to ‘The Spear’ album  intimate that it bears many of Zamba’s new classics plus  several of his popular hits and collabos with other members of Baboon Forest.

The feature track on the album is titled ‘Africa’, although it bears other songs like ‘Ghetto Mentality’, ‘Energy NRG’, ‘Black, Yello Blue’, ‘No Borders’, ‘Zamba The Great’, ‘Sweet Uganda’, among others.

According to Zamba, ‘The Spear’ is a collection of stories of the past, the present, and the future!

The spear calls for unity and a spiritual awakening of all the tribes of the earth to recapture a higher consciousness around our shared origin, Africa!

GNL Zamba’s tweet about his new album The Spear

Inspired by experiences of blackness and a universal Pan African Movement, this is a message of unity to heal the world with the wisdom of the ancient while projecting ourselves to the future!

Zamba is one of the most talented Luga-flow artistes in Uganda currently.

His back ground is humble as he started his music career in the early years of the 2000 millennium  but has since gone on to win several accolades due to his great contribution to Uganda’s entertainment industry.

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