A Pass demands Ugandan websites that don’t pay royalties to remove his music

A Pass demands Ugandan websites that don’t pay royalties to remove his music

By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

Ugandans are big music lovers and frequently update their playlists as soon as their favourite musicians release new music. However, if you asked them if they have ever bought this music either physically from music stores or digitally on streaming platforms, more than 90% of them will give you “no” as the answer.

So how do they get this music? The answer is well known. There are numerous Ugandan entertainment/music websites that upload music and make it available for free downloads without remitting royalties to the creators of this music.


This has always bothered artists who say that they are not compensated by these websites yet they, directly and indirectly, earn from their music but don’t pay the artists. This has also made people shy away from buying music from streaming services like Spotify and iTunes among others, after all, they will get it free on certain Ugndn website.

A Pass demands Ugandan websites that don't pay royalties to remove his music

Well, it looks like very soon, you will not get A Pass’ music on these websites. The talented singer-songwriter has used his Twitter account to command all Ugandan websites that don’t pay artists to remove his music from their platforms.

“All Ugandan websites that upload Ugandan music and don’t pay money to the artists please remove all my music on your platform when you see this tweet. #RemoveAllMyMusic,” A Pass tweeted.

The “Tuli ku bigere” singer has joined the likes of Juliana Kanyomoozi, and Toniks among others to take this step. Making music is expensive and these and more musicians say unless they decide to provide free downloads at their own discretion, their songs should not be uploaded, and download for free.

However, some of these websites and users claim that they also help to promote these musicians by uploading their music without charging them any subscription or other fees of the sort.


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