Admirers Bombard Quin Ov Hearts With M M Messages  As She Celebrates BD

Admirers Bombard Quin Ov Hearts With M M Messages  As She Celebrates BD

By Ivan Mwine

It seems the trend of celebrating birthdays in Uganda has changed from giving the birthday girls traditional gifts like flowers, cakes, etc to hard cash.

Quin of Hearts has a long list of admirers

We all saw recently how NBS TV star Sheilah Gashumba boasted about receiving millions of shillings on her birthday a few days ago.
Some of the Mobile Money messages she received

Well, the latest slay queen to be treated to cash gifts on her birthday is gorgeous slay queen Quin Ov Hearts, who also happens to be the Marketing and Public Relations Manager at Starbucks Bar in Kampala.

Moles reveal that Quin Ov Hearts, who is one of the sexiest ‘Exports’ from Rwanda to Kampala, celebrates her birthday today and unlike other slay queens  who usually ask for I-phones, cake and roses, she asked for cash and we can ably reveal that her pals, especially admirers did not disappoint.

Gorgeous: Quin Ov Hearts looking so lovely

Quin Ov Hearts, who is also the proprietor of NAJMA Events LTD and CEO at Quinz Cosmetics, wrote thus on social media asking her pals for money;

“22-2-22 Quin Ov Hearts was born

Happy birthday to me

Eatable gifts aren’t welcome unless it’s my man

Empty wishes aren’t also welcome.

May you cash me on 0759807297(Edmond Sekabira) Ameen.”

Well, indeed it was not long before several dudes and a few babes started sending in the mobile money messages and as a way of appreciating, she wrote;

“Am overwhelmed at rate you people are sending me money. I woke up to countless messages from people I’ve never even met. Am so humbled. Katonda abadizeewo.

We wonder how much she has collected so far but by the time of filing this article Quin of Hearts had already pocketed over Shs1.4M although she was expecting more messages.

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