Africa Is Short Of Music Business, Not Talent- Black Market Records CEO Cedric Singleton

Africa Is Short Of Music Business, Not Talent- Black Market Records CEO Cedric Singleton

By Ivan Mwine

Music business and talent are two different things but because they actually go hand-in-hand, most people often confuse the two by thinking that they are one and the same.

However, according to Cedric Singleton, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Black Market Records, there is a big distinction between music as a talent and music business.
Black Market Records CEO Cedric Singleton playing with a turtle

Singleton, who is in Uganda for a working trip, says that Africa is rich in music talent but very poor at doing music business.

“Africa has great music business potential that needs to be developed. The continent has a lot of music talent but what lacks is the business side of it,” Singleton said.

He added that; “It’s up to the stakeholders in the industry to build the business part of music, instead of leaving it to the artists. The promoters, record labels, event organisers, the regulators and all other stakeholders are the ones to build and promote the music business in Africa.”

Singleton, who travelled to Uganda a few days ago from Nairobi, Kenya, where Black Market Records has another branch, noted that the only way the music industry in Africa can grow to compete with America, Europe and Asia is if the government, banks and all stakeholders start regarding it as a bankable industry.

Cedric Singleton with BMR Operations Manager Ocean Mulungi aka Ocean Media International

Speaking about why he is back in Africa, Singleton said Black Market Records aims at developing and expanding the projects in Uganda, Kenya and other countries where the record label has branches.

“The management of the company sent me to Uganda to oversee business development at Black Market Records and continue with what we started. Management plans to discover new artists and develop the ones already signed under the label,” Singleton said.

“We want to develop our studios into state-of-the-art facilities and expand our operations into film production through Black Market Films. We plan to do this throughout the various countries where we have studios and offices,” he added.

Black Market Records is a 360-music administration and one of the leading media companies in the world with its headquarters in Sacramento California (USA).

Black Market Records has its fingerprints in 30 countries in the world and 20 of them are in Africa.

The label has offices in Sacramento California (USA), Nairobi (Kenya), Havana, Cuba and the African head offices in Kampala (Uganda).

Black Market Records represents artists in more than 30 countries with a multitude of digital platforms and aggressive yet savvy marketing strategies to propel artists to greater heights along in their careers.

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