After Nwagi’s Pothole Bum Fans Attack Her ‘Tired’ Boobies

After Nwagi’s Pothole Bum Fans Attack Her ‘Tired’ Boobies


By Exposed Uganda

Social media critics are not about to give songbird Winnie Nakanwagi aka Nwagi, who  a few days ago shared some of her very kinky snapshots on internet, which have since gone viral.

In  the said snaps which were shared on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other social media platforms, many of her followers, fans and frenemies were quick to point out gaping holes on her bum cheeks, which many  jokingly described as potholes, although Nwagi claimed they are her bum dimples.

Winnie Nwagi with Elvana Shars and another pal

However, after trolling her for the bum holes, now  the social media critics have since resorted to bashing the musician for reportedly parading a pair of tired, slacking boobs.

Some of them have reached  an extent of describing   Nwagi’s seemingly fallen boobs as ‘Fallen Soldiers!’

Winnie Nwagi and her Girl Brigade enjoying life at Aramaga Lodge

Actually,  they have since posted a picture of Nwagi in which she parades her boobies which they captioned; “R.I.P To Fallen Soldiers.’

But despite all the social media criticisms, Nwagi is not about to be moved by critics and insists that they should mind the business that pays them instead of minding hers.

Someone described Nwagi’s boobies as Fallen Soldiers

She has since shared  more kinky snaps, some which she took with her all-girls brigade as they enjoyed life at Aramaga Lodge in Fort Portal, Kabarole District, where they went over the weekend for a fun-filled vacation.

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