AIGP Kasingye Speaks Out On Continued Abductions Of Bobi Wine Supporters In Deadly Panda Gari Operations

AIGP Kasingye Speaks Out On Continued Abductions Of Bobi Wine Supporters In Deadly Panda Gari Operations


By Mable Nakibuuka

Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIGP) Asan Kasingye,  who is the Uganda Police Force Chief Political Commissar, has finally spoken out about the current relentless abductions of Ugandan youth perceived to be  National Unity Platform (NUP) principal Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s supporters.

Thousands of youth suspected to be Bobi Wine supporters have so far been abducted from several parts of the country by masked armed men driving a numberless Drone van and other cars with private number plates.

Social media is awash with pictures and news of youth being arbitrarily abducted from their homes, cars, on streets etc, without the police and other concerned authorities coming out to inform the public why the youth are being abducted and why they are not being presented in court to face the crimes they committed if any.

Commenting about these unfortunate incidents, Bobi Wine wrote thus on Twitter;

‘Panda-gari’ is back in full force. Political activists and ordinary citizens now dread these vehicles called drones. Countless Ugandans have been abducted and taken to unknown places. Mukasa Kenneth, a comrade is the latest victim. Kidnapped yesterday, no one knows where he is.”

Bobi Wine tweeted about the Drone van which is being used by armed men  to abduct his supporters

When he was tasked by the media to explain why armed men are abducting youth from several parts of the country, Gen. Jeje Odong, the Minister for Internal Affairs, said last week that he had asked  AIGP Grace Akullo, the Director Criminal Investigations Directorate, to investigate the matter and avail country with a report about the said abductions.

Asked about the same matter, Kasingye admitted that the police are aware of people being abducted, saying that;

“The police are aware of this matter and we are investigating it.  The AIGP said we know those people and that the matter is being investigated. Do you want me to contradict what the IGP and Minister are saying or?”

When asked what the police are investigating yet they know the people who are abducting Ugandans and should arrest them immediately, Kasingye said that; “I think you should call the Director CID and ask them that question.”

Asked where the continued abductions leave his office as the Chief  Political Commissar, who is supposed to bridge the gap between the police and the public, Kasingye told the journalist that; “You are asking very wrong questions. I don’t know what your motive is!”


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