“Am Not Provoked And Threatened By Anyone” Nobert Mao

“Am Not Provoked And Threatened By Anyone” Nobert Mao

The Democratic Party President, Nobert Mao has warned those who are opposed to his leadership saying he cannot be provoked and threatened by anyone.

Addressing journalists this morning at party headquarters at Balintuma, Mao said that much as the party is faced with a number of disagreements, they can be resolved constitutionally and thus cannot derail the party from the pursuit of truth and justice.

 According to Mao, there is no institution in the world that is not battling wrangles.

He has now instructed the members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) not to bother with some of the people like activist Samuel Mukaku whom he says are just noise makers and no longer part of the party.


“We do not intend to escalate disagreements into conflicts. I wish to warn those members who act as if the party has no constitution. We refuse to be provoked. We held a very fruitful meeting of the national executive committee and I can tell you, the largest majority of our leaders support the directive we are taking. There is a noisy minority which we can even count on the 10 figures of our hands,” Mao said.

Mao futher vowed to protect the party at all costs.

“The last living founder member of the DP handed over this party to me, I went to Mulago when he was very sick at Mulago and he asked me to protect the party, I am not afraid of anybody, I hear people saying if you go here, you will be booed, I was the most booed MP when I was in parliament, booing you doesn’t make you wrong. Every time I would stand up to talk, they would call me a rebel collaborator,” Mao added.

Mao was appointed minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs after signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with president Museveni last year.


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