America Vows To Punish Ugandan Military, Police Officers Involved In Human Rights Abuse

America Vows To Punish Ugandan Military, Police Officers Involved In Human Rights Abuse

By Mable Nakibuuka 

The government of  the United States of America has announced that it will take  individual action against  all Ugandan military and police officers  that are involved in human rights abuse in the country.

The decision, which   was taken by the U.S State Department on Wednesday, is aimed  restoring the rule of law and ensure that the current human rights abuses that include abduction, torture and murder of innocent Ugandans end.

Ned Price, the State Department Spokesperson, announced the decision, calling upon the authorities in Uganda to swiftly investigate all individuals involved in cases of human rights abuse and  bring them to book.

Price’s statement reads in  part thus; “Uganda’s January 14 elections were marred with irregularities and human rights abuses, use of the security forces by the government against opposition politicians and members of the Civil Society. We strongly urge independent, credible, impartial and thorough investigations into these incidents.”

He added that; “We shall consider and arrange targeted options for those members of the security forces responsible  for these actions. When it comes to president Museveni, Uganda does indeed play a regional role and does have an important role when it comes to some of our interests. It has been of great help in Somali and been key in defeating Al Shabab, but even then, this takes us back to the same point; we can pursue our interests and pursue our values at the same time. We are  considering a range of targeted options to hold those accountable for what we saw in the context of Uganda’s elections, just as we’ll continue to work with Uganda to pursue some of our Mutual interests.

Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, the National Unity Platform (NUP) leader and victim of state sponsored brutality, was among some of the Ugandans  who welcomed U.S  government’s decision to issue sanctions to individual security officers and the rigged election.

He tweeted thus; “We continue to thank the world for not keeping quiet about the most rigged election in our nation’s history,  accompanied by gross human rights abuses. The people of Uganda will continue using all lawful actions to pursue good governance.”

However, the government of Uganda is yet to respond to America’s decision and  it is not yet clear whether or not they will hold  the errant security officers accountable for human rights abuses.

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