Anarchy: Tooro Kingdom Elders Refuse To Bless Princess Komuntale’s Marriage

Anarchy: Tooro Kingdom Elders Refuse To Bless Princess Komuntale’s Marriage

By Ivan Mwine

Stiff controversy has sparked off amongst several Batooro following the secret wedding that Princess Ruth Komuntale held over the weekend with her hubby Phillip Amooti aka Phil, in Texas, America.

Komuntale got wedded with Phil at a glamorous wedding that was officiated over by Omukama Oyo Nyimba Kabamba Iguru, who handed over the bride to the bridegroom, in the presence of the queen mother Best Kemigisa.

The wedding ceremony was so private and due to the COVID-19 restrictions it was attended by only a few members of the Tooro Kingdom royal family.

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Husband and wife: Princess Ruth Komuntale and her husband Phillip Anthony Amooti

However, the controversy engulfed Omukama Oyo’s subjects after some kingdom elders raised concern that the wedding was conducted in total disregard of the Tooro culture.

“This is total desecration of our culture,” a concerned elder opined to our Moles.

She added that; “There are cultural rites that are supposed to be performed on the Princess and her chosen husband before the wedding according to kingdom tradition but all that was not done.”

Other elders are wondering how the royal family could secretly organize Princess Komuntale’s wedding without involving them as cultural heads, yet such a ceremony is very important according to the kingdom’s norms.

As a result of this controversy surrounding the Komuntale’s wedding, many Tooro kingdom elders are skeptical about whether it will succeed, since she and the royal family didn’t bother to seek their blessings.

There are those who say that what the royal family did was okay, while others, especially the zealous  Batooro, maintain that it’s an abomination and are spelling doom for the couple.

Omukama Oyo with Princess Komuntale and queen mother Best Kemigisa

According to our Moles in the kingdom, many Batooro elders hoped that Komuntale would choose a typical Mutooro boy for a husband in a bid to preserve and promote their culture, but she instead chose a ‘foreigner’ (Phil Amooti), who is regarded as an ‘alien’ to their culture.

It should be noted that this is Komuntale’s second wedding, her first having been held in 2012, when she got wedded to duke Christopher Thomas, also an African-American.

Komuntale and Thomas’ wedding cost Tooro kingdom billions of shillings but some elders were not happy with the groom, especially because many Tooro culture enthusiasts had hoped that she would choose an indigenous Mutooro boy as her husband but she  hadn’t.   

Princess Komuntale and Christopher Thomas on their wedding day

However, her wedding with Thomas didn’t work out and the two broke up barely a year into its inception after she accused him of infidelity, domestic violence and substance abuse.

Following her tumultuous marriage, it took Komuntale several years to trust her heart again with another man, not until 2018 when she met and fell deeply in love with Phil Amooti.

The two got engaged at a private ceremony in 2019 that was attended by Omukama Oyo, the queen mother Kemigisa, a few royal family members and Phil’s parents.  

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