Angella Katatumba In Bitter Fallout With ‘Osobola’ Singer Emilian Starz Over Daddy Andre’s  Solido 

Angella Katatumba In Bitter Fallout With ‘Osobola’ Singer Emilian Starz Over Daddy Andre’s Solido 

By Ivan Mwine

There is secret beef raging between Ugandan divas Angella Katatumba and Emilian Starz, over famous musician Daddy Andre’s Wire.
 Moles reveal that the beef between Katatumba and Emilian Starz, who has out a new album dubbed ‘Osobola’, is so intense that Katatumba has since parted ways with Black Market Records, the label was until recently distributing her music.
Emilian Starz with Angella Katatumba before they fell out
It should be recalled that Katatumba and Daddy Andre were some time back in love, although they bitterly parted ways after their relationship hit rocks.
However, although they parted ways, it seems Katatumba had got yet gotten over Andre to the extent that she immediately started hating his then lover Nina Roz.
Well, the latest we have from Moles is that Katatumba is now at war with Emilian Starz, especially after she learnt that  she was deeply involved with Andre.
Daddy Andre with Angela Katatumba during their heydays
According to Moles, Katatumba was a few months ago close friends with Emilian Starz, Actually, too friendly that at one time they recorded a collabo dubbed ‘Toola’, which is a thrilling love song.
Their collabo ‘Toola’ is one of the songs off Emilian Starz’s latest album ‘Osobola’., Moles however reveal that trouble started on the day when they went to shoot the ‘Toola’ video at one of the top hotels  in town.
It is said that while on the set awaiting the shooting of their ‘Toola’ video, Daddy Andre somehow appeared, since he also had a video to shot at the time, so the Black Market Records managers had planned to use the set to shoot both videos.
The Moles reveal however that along the way, Katatumba, who didn’t know that Andre and Emilian Starz were tight with each other, bumped into them deeply engrossed in each other in one of  the rooms at the venue.
Moles reveal that a mother of all wars erupted at the venue as Katatumba accused Emilian Starz of being a backstabber by hooking up with Andre, yet she knew that he is her, Katatumba’s, ex-lover.
Efforts by Emilian Starz to plead innocence and convince Katatumba   that nothing had happened between her and Andre were futile., Katatumba go so pissed, caused a tantrum at the venue and in the end ended up storming off the set before they could shoot the video for ‘Toola’.
Since then, Moles contend, Katatumba and Emilian Starz don’t see eye to eye and hopes of shooting the video for their collabo have since been dashed.
It was after this bitter clash between Emilian Starz and Katatumba that the latter fell out badly with a manager at Black Market Records who she faulted for being the match-maker between Emilian and Andre.
Katatumba didn’t stop at that but also went ahead and decided to start distributing her music under a little known record label in town, although this one has further drove her music career into limbo!

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