Arch. Lwanga Burial Delayed As Orthodox Church Insists On Probing What  Exactly Killed Him

Arch. Lwanga Burial Delayed As Orthodox Church Insists On Probing What Exactly Killed Him

By Ivan Mwine

The burial  of Orthodox Churh Archbishop Metropolitan  Yonah Kizito Lwanga,  who died last week under unclear circumstances in Athens, Greece, is not about to happen as many Ugandans had anticipated.

We have learnt that the heads of the Orthodox Church in Greece have refused to release Lwanga’s body such that it can be repatriated to Uganda for burial, insisting that they are still conducting investigations to establish the exact cause of his death.

Lwanga, 76,  died on September 5th, 2021 after he had developed health complications a few days earlier on, which forced church leaders to rush him to Greece for specialized medical attention.

However, when he passed on, several unanswered questions about what exactly killed him started cropping up because whereas some sources in government asserted what had caused his death had not yet been established, the church leaders in Athens, Greece, rejected the version and insisted that a thorough postmortem had to be conducted on his corpse.

As a result of the varying versions about the cause of Lwanga’s death, thee authorities in Greece have since refused to return his corpse to Uganda, insisting that they will only do so after results of the postmortem are released.

Lwanga’s body was supposed to be flown back to Uganda on Friday  but the Orthodox church leaders refused to release it and did not name a new date when they hope to have completed their investigations, something that has brought about uncertainty amongst his relatives, Orthodox Christians and all Ugandans.

However, our efforts to contact leaders at the Orthodox Church headquarters in Namungoona, a Kampala suburb, for a comment about this matter were futile since they couldn’t answer our repeated calls.

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