Archbishop Ntagali Suspended From Church Of Uganda  Over Adultery

Archbishop Ntagali Suspended From Church Of Uganda  Over Adultery

By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Stanley Ntagali, 65, the retired archbishop of the church of Uganda, has been suspended from performing all church duties over allegations of engaging in an extra marital affair.

According to Archbishop Stanley Kazimba, Ntagali is no longer permitted to undertake the performance of any sacraments, preach or represent the Church of Uganda in anyway until further notice.

In his letter dated January 13th, 2021, which he wrote to all the Anglican Bishops, Archbishop Kazimba Mugalu, says thus;

“It’s with a very heavy heart that I inform you my predecessor, retired Archbishop Stanley Ntagali, has been involved in an extra-marital affair with a married woman, which he has acknowledged.

This adultery is a grievous betray on many levels. Retired Archbishop Ntagali has betrayed his Lord and Saviour, His wife and their marriage vows, as well as the faith of many Ugandans and global Christians who looked up to him  to live the faith he proclaimed.”

The former bishop of Mityana goes on to show in his letter that his predecessor betrayed the Office of Archbishop and ordination vows.

He continues that; “The Church of Uganda has approximately 13 million members, all who have ‘sinned and fallen short of the glory of the Lord,’ as the bible says in Romans 3: 23.

At the same time, the church holds its  leaders more accountable  to the same standards we are all called to uphold.”

Towards the end of his letter,  the Archbishop asserts that; “This is not the time to gossip. This is the time for repentance; a time for prayer; a time to examine our sins and failings in humility; and a time to make all our relationships right before God.

Please pray for the spouses in both relationships, for repentance  and healing on those who have  committed adultery and for justice and forgiveness to follow through our land.”

However, following circulation of the news about the shocking sex scandal, Ugandans on social media reacted with shock, sadness and satire.

Some of Ntagali’s admirers called his suspension a witch-hunt while others humorously attributed the reluctance of the doves to fly a few days ago when religious leaders threw them in air as a sign of peace during and after elections on the Church leaders’ transgressions.

Watch this space for details.

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