Ashburg Katto Tightens Noose Around Bryan White’s Neck Over Sexual Abuse Case

Ashburg Katto Tightens Noose Around Bryan White’s Neck Over Sexual Abuse Case

By Our Reporter

If socialite Brian Kirumira aka Bryan White sympathizers thought his troubles are about to end, then that is not about to happen.

Going by a recent Facebook post by Ashburg Katto, a close associate of Balam Barugahara, who is Bryan White’s sworn enemy, the socialite might be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Balaam and Bryan White are known sworn enemies and it is rumoured that he (Balaam) is the force behind Vivian Mutanda and Sheila Nandawula, the two girls who a few months back accused  the Bryan White of  alleged sexual harassment and rape.

Balaam with President Yoweri Museveni and Bryan White some time back

Mutanda and Nandawula, who were accompanied by their family members, appeared before a Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights and  told the world that Bryan White had severally sexually assaulted them, something he denied, saying those are fabrications by a mafia group which was bent on tarnishing his name.

Ashburg Katto’s post about Bryan White’s cases

Now a reliable source has told that Asburg Katto’s post is not some mindless jab at the lanky socialite but a well-calculated move aimed at resurrecting the case against  Bryan White, who  at one time was so popular and well connected that he was  protected by SFC soldiers.

Bryan White parading bundles of money and bottles of liquor during his heyday

Our source added that; “The truth is Bryan White has a serious but manageable long-time  health condition and it’s clear Ashburg Katto is using it to tarnish what is remaining of his image.”

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