Aya Tycoon Hamid In Bitter Clash With Son Over Gun Misuse

Aya Tycoon Hamid In Bitter Clash With Son Over Gun Misuse

By Ivan Mwine
There is a secret feud going on between tycoon tycoon Muhammed Hamid, the proprietor of Aya Group of Companies and his son, who is causing him problems by going town flashing his gun.

Moles reveal that Hamid Junior has been clashing with his dad until last week when he got locked up at Central Police Station (CPS), over gun misuse.

According to Moles, it all started when Hamid hired a special  hire cab for almost a month without paying the driver.

Hamid Junior’s pistol looks like this one

It is said that according to their agreement, the cab driver  was to always drive him on numerous occasions as and when he wanted, something he did until the bill accumulated to  the tune of Shs2m.

According to sources, when the cab driver tried to ask for his money from Hamid Junior, the randy boy instead of paying up, started threatening the poor chap that he would shoot him if he didn’t back off and assured him of how he is a son of a very rich man.

Instead of fighting with Hamid, the cab driver decided to take the matter to police, which swung into action and arrested Hamid.

But by the time Hamid was arrested, tycoon Hamid was in Sudan mourning the death of his father, who passed on a few weeks ago.

Aya Group of Companies boss Mohammed Hamid

The tycoon, later on returning to Uganda,   bailed out the son, but he is vowing to find a way of having the gun withdrawn from him, according to our Moles.

However, the incident was not the first time for Hamid Junior to misuse his gun, because Moles reveal that some time back he put his employees at the Kawempe based Aya  offices on  gun point over a small mess.

Sources also reveal that during the November 2020 riots, Hamid Junior almost caused chaos in town when he threatened to shoot People Power youths who had blocked the way along Bombo Road after he brandished his pistol, which forced the youths to scamper for safety.

We hear the tycoon is currently lobbying security officials to withdraw the pistol from his son so as to avoid unnecessary repercussions.


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