B2C Cry Foul, Accuse Juliana Of Sabotage After She Sets Same Concert Date  With Them

B2C Cry Foul, Accuse Juliana Of Sabotage After She Sets Same Concert Date  With Them

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan singing group the B2C are crying foul after celebrated songbird Juliana Kanyomozi announced that she is to hold a concert on August 19, 2022 at Serena hotel, yet they also organised  their concert on the same date.

The group, comprising Mr. Lee, Bobby Lash, and Delivad Julio, claim that Juliana aims at sabotaging their concert by staging a concert on the same day as theirs.


Speaking during an interview on a local radio station on Wednesday, Bobby Lash, one of the B2C members, said that the group never felt at ease and are scared but cannot change the date  for the concert because they already booked the venue and paid  the service providers.

Bobby Lash, who was speaking agitatedly, said that; “We were not happy with it but there is nothing to do. Getting scared is natural and yes, we are, but we cannot change the date because it’s no longer possible because we have already paid for everything.”

It should however be noted that early this month the B2C were blacklisted by promoters in London, UK, after they were paid to perform at a concert dubbed ‘Entujjo Yomwaka 2022’ although they didn’t perform and refused to refund the money to the organisers.

They had been hired to perform at the said concert together with Juliana Kanyomozi, Rema Namakula and other artistes  but whereas Juliana and Rema performed, the B2C were a now show and didn’t give the event organisers any explanation as to why they refused to perform, yet all their travel expenses, including visa, had been catered for.


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