B2C’s Mr. Lee Chewing  Tycoon Lwasa’s Ex-Lover Nabatanzi

B2C’s Mr. Lee Chewing  Tycoon Lwasa’s Ex-Lover Nabatanzi

By Ivan Mwine

If word on the grapevine is anything to go by, then B2C singer Richard Mugisha, who   is popularly known  aas Mr. Lee, could be on the way to officialising his romping with BBS TV star Diana Nabatanzi.

Moles intimate that Nabatanza, who was  time back dating city businessman Emmanuel Lwasa, is set to introduce Mr. Lee to her parents at the private function that will be attended by only a few close friends and relatives.

Sexy Diana Nabatanzi reportedly being chewed by Mr. Lee

It is said that the two have been dating for quite some time especially ever since Nabatanzi  parted ways with Lwasa, who replaced her with Angel Candy Kwakunda, who dumped him last month.

According to the Moles, after chewing themselves behind the scenes for a long time the couple has since decided to go public about their romping by holding an introduction ceremony that will quickly be followed by a wedding.

The Moles reveal however that Mr. Lee had at first opted to keep his relationship with Nabatanza a top secret  because he feared retribution from her former lover Lwasa.

Lwasa and Nabatanzi parted ways in 2019 after developing misunderstandings that saw them trade insults on social media.

He faulted her for being a slay queen on who he was spending millions of shillings yet she had refused to produce a child for him and didn’t want to attend to house chores.    


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