Babes Whose Main Job Is Chopping Money, Living Good Life Thanks To Sponsors

Babes Whose Main Job Is Chopping Money, Living Good Life Thanks To Sponsors

By Mable Nakibuuka

Whereas many people in Uganda are toiling for a living, there are those whose livelihoods are so easy to the extent that all they have to do is to chop money from Monday to Monday.

The people we are talking about are  youngish, sexy and classy babes who are not employed in big government offices or top corporate companies in town and finding a business in Kampala to their name is almost next to impossible, but they live  very opulent lives.

Actually, Uganda is too small for such people to party from so they are  often traversing the globe by flying to party destinations like Hawai, Las Vegas, Barbados, Cannes, Dubai, Zanzibar, to mention but a few.


These babes are often booked into the world’s luxurious hotels not only in  Uganda but even in other countries where they    go for merrymaking, thanks to their Blessers or Sponsors



Jackie Porshe Rwivanga

Ever since her marriage with former hubby Andrew Rugasira developed hiccups,  Jackie has dedicated most of her life to partying and enjoying life without fear or favour.

Jackie Porsche Rwivanga in Zanzibar

Although she hails from a wealthy family, Jackie is not known to run any business in town or work for any company, she spends most of her time traveling in and out of the country, thanks to a Sponsor in the business and sports sectors, who reportedly invests a lot of cash in her lifestyle.


Leila Kayondo

At first it businessman Suleiman Kabangala alias SK Mbuga sponsoring singer Leila’s lifestyle and music career. However, they later developed misunderstandings and parted ways, after which she enjoyed part-time sponsorship from several investors, among them former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya, who used to hire her to perform at his Katomi Kingdom Resort Hotel.

Leila Kayondo with Minister Godfrey Kiwanda Suubi

Recently Leila is said to be chopping what is left of troubled businessman Jack Pemba’s Ka-money!


Sharon O

The last gig that former Obsessions group singer cum dancer Sharon Salmon had was her stint in the Big Brother Africa reality TV show some years back. Since then, Sharon has neither outed a hit song, appeared in any big screen projects nor gotten a job but she lives large.

Sharon O wants to chop life, buy cars and houses

Some time back Sharon, who has a son with former Obsessions group boss Ronnie Mulindwa, was running a bar in Kireka with one of her longtime sponsors Isaac Mulindwa but pals say they later parted ways after disagreeing over money.

Sharon O

That was after she had spent some time with socialite Zari Hassan’s former husband don Ivan Ssemwanga, although they later parted ways and she hooked  another sponsor, a Sangoma, whom she later dumped too.


Tinah Teise

Apart from her weekly slot on NTV, where she hosts the LogIn programme, Tina’s bigtime occupation is partying, thanks to her sponsors.

Pals intimate her Tina’s sponsors often ensure that they cater for her rent bills, travel and accommodation expenses, manicure and pedicure, among her other desires.

Tinah Teise is good at chopping dime

As a result of her sponsors, who are more than willing to have her chop their dime, pals say Tina boards aeroplanes as if they are boda-bodas, because she is always in and out of the country, on money-chopping missions.


Sharon Natukunda

Singer Allan Tonik’s ex-lover Natukunda, who is popularly known as Sharne 67, is another babe that is good at chopping money from sponsors.

Sharon Natukunda aka Sharne 67 chops dime like there is no tomorrow

Her pals reveal that Sharne is often flying to Dubai, Lagos, Thailand and other countries  to chop dime courtesy of her sponsors .


Katrina Nilzero

This one is singer Leila’s randy sister who is model that causes endless scrotal eruptions wherever she goes. Her modeling career  is yet to break even and she is still struggling but Katrina prior to the COVID-19 lockdown Katrina was always in Dubai, Qatar and other countries on merrymaking sprees  because of her sponsors. She doesn’t intend to change her lifestyle.

Katrina Nilzero chops dime like an ATM machine

Millicent Lubega

She is one of Kampala’s veteran slay queens, who spends most of her times touring one country after another, enjoying life to its fullest, and to her the most important thing is that she doesn’t have to touch her wallet to pay any bills.

Milliscent Lubega is often abroad partying

Lynda Uwamahoro aka Ddane

She has a stint on NTV and that is all that Lynda comes closest to employment but her workmates intimate that the monthly package she gets at the TV station cannot sponsor all Lynda’s partying sprees.

Sexy Lynda Ddane

According to our Moles, Lynda is often organizing tourist excursions, private house parties at top city hotels and at luxurious islands on Lake Victoria, thanks to her long list of sponsors.

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