Babes With Self-contained Booty  And Bodies That Men Worship

Babes With Self-contained Booty  And Bodies That Men Worship


By Mable Nakibuuka


Ugandan babes are a rare species, because they come in all sizes, shapes, colour complexions and varying height.

However, there are those who God specifically endowed with wondrous curves and very tempting–to-touch booty.

These are the kind of babes that would all qualify for the ‘2020 Miss Curves’ beauty contest if it were to be held, because they all have the necessary requirements.


Jaymie Kardash

The kind of babes we are telling you about are the type that your mama would be so happy about if you took one like them hope, because they are a complete package.

Actually, they are the type they call Self-Contained, because such babes no only come with such delicious booty packages but also often carry with them immense reservoirs of water resources.

So once you decide to delve into any one of them, be assured that you will enjoys endless glorious moments, reason why we unveil them for you, our dear readers, although allow us to assure that this this is just the beginning, we are bringing  you more such curvaceous goddesses soon!

Curvaceous Michelle Matovu
Brenda Seruw is well endowed
Singer Maureen Kabasita is very curvy
A-Sizemodel Esther Nakitende is so curvaceous
Florence Nampijja of BBS TV is blessed with curves
Socialite Haulah Mayanja is not only bumlicious but also curvilicious
Rasheedah Nkuba is also very curvy
Though not so thick, model Tracy Ampeire is also very curvy
NBS TV Argatha Loswash has very tempting curves
Socialite Sonia Mutoni is also well-endowed with curves

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