Babu, DJ Karo Wedding Hangs In Balance As Mzungu Ex-Wife  Rejects His Pleas For Divorce

 Babu, DJ Karo Wedding Hangs In Balance As Mzungu Ex-Wife  Rejects His Pleas For Divorce

By Ivan Mwine

The wedding of  popular actor cum sports personality Cedric Babu Ndilima and his current lover Carol Kisukye aka DJ Karo, which has been pending for years hangs in balance as you read this.

Moles reveal that Babu and DJJ Karo’s marriage has been pending  since 2018 when he visited her parents  but since then they have never been legally wed, despite the fact that Babu is  financially well-off and hails from a wealthy family that has ability to sponsor  their wedding.
Cedric Babu with lover DJ Karo

According to Moles, the reason why Babu and DJ Karo’s wedding has been pending for such a long time is that his Mzungu wife identified as Allison Gallagher, who is based in the United Kingdom, has since rejected his pleas for a divorce absolute.

It should be noted that although they separated several years back, Allison and Babu have two kids and were legally married before DJ Karo snatched him from her.

Cedric Babu and ex-wife Allison Gallagher before they split

But Moles reveal that despite the  fact that they  separated and live worlds apart, Babu cannot legally wed  any other woman, not even DJ Karo, until he gets officially divorced  with Allison.

However, according to Moles, Babu’s continued pleas with Allison to sign the divorce papers over the years have landed on deaf ears, because she insists DJ Karo wrecked their marriage by snatching her husband and leaving her to raise their two children as a single mom.

Babu and Allison were so much in love before DJ Karo snatched him

It should be recalled that Allison tried to   put up a social media fight for Babu some years back by assuring DJ Karo to leave her husband but that didn’t yield any fruits.

She has since resigned to raising their three children alone although they greatly lack the much-needed love that Babu is meant to provide.   

Meanwhile, although they have been bonking for several years, Babu and DJ Karo’s nocturnal marathons are yet to field any fruits, something that has left their relatives and many of their friends wondering what could be the problem.  

Watch this space for details!

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