Bachelor  Gashumba Raises Dust After Giving Men Dating Tips

Bachelor Gashumba Raises Dust After Giving Men Dating Tips


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Human rights activist Frank Gashumba, of Sisimuka, a  Civil Society Organisation (CSO), has raised dust after  he came out to offer ‘Kojja’ advice or dating tips to single men who want to hook up belles in the New Year.

If you are a single guy or already in a non-committed relationship, Gashumba has some very important relationship advice for you;

“Stop asking the object of your interest the same boring question “how are you,” he says.

Writing on his Facebook page Wednesday evening, the outspoken businessman cum activist encouraged men to instead ask their ladies for their account numbers or mobile money accounts and send them money to make their  lives a little easier, or buy them a nice pair of shoes and a designer perfume.

Frank Gashumba’s Facebook post and the reactions from his followers

As expected, ladies quickly jumped onto the single father’s post and heaped praises on him.

However, others, especially young men, aimed jabs at him and left comments ridiculing him that no one gives best relationship advice than bachelors.

Other ladies sympathized with their lovers and reminded Gashumba who has in the past said his family is one of the biggest landowners in Buganda that other people live under different standards.

It should be noted that Gashumba, who is the father of popular TV star Sheila Gashumba, is currently a single dad, although  he fathered a number of kids from his past fallen relationships.

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