Basajjamivule To Bobi: You Have No Capacity To Win Presidential Election

Basajjamivule To Bobi: You Have No Capacity To Win Presidential Election


By Isma Kwame Nkurunziza

In his latest video, popular talk-show host Basajjamivule Nsonkambwe, who until recently was a sympathiser with opposition politicians, claims  that that National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka  Bobi Wine has been fanning flames of change, well-knowing he has no chance of winning a presidential election.

A passionately speaking Basajjamivule  goes on to warn the NUP boss that the high level of intolerance among radical elements in NUP keeps would-be sympathizers away from the party which recently made alliance with the People Power pressure group.

It should be recalled that early last year,  four-time presidential aspirant Rtd. Dr. Col. Kizza Besigye was physically assaulted at Bulange Mengo by a group of youth who claimed to  be Bobi Wine supporters.

After appearing on popular CBS program ‘Parliament Yaffe’, a mob of youth who claimed to be People Power supporters surrounded Besigye’s car and started chanting “Twagala Bobi si Besigye,” which can loosely be translated to mean “We want Bobi, not Besigye!’

Besigye’s security team had to make a ring around him to stop the group of protesters from attacking him.

In the video posted on his Facebook page two days ago Basajjamivule pours scorn at the allegation that he raped a needy woman when he was still working at Pastor Joseph Serwadda’s Impact Radio.

The controversial TV host, who in the video challenges the NUP leaning Members of Parliament to tell the world what they have done to help Ugandans, goes on to claim that he has helped so many people during the years has been on radio and TV.

As if not done, the controversial National Resistance Movement (NRM) activist looks in the camera and boldly say that no one has helped people in Buganda like his friend Frank Gashumba of the Sisimuka  pressure group has done.



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