Battle As Sodomised Boys Storm Pastor Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Church, Accuse Him Of Shattering Their Bums

Battle As Sodomised Boys Storm Pastor Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Church, Accuse Him Of Shattering Their Bums

By Ivan Mwine

There was a battle at popular Pastor Robert Kayanja’s Miracle Centre Church in Lubaga, on Tuesday, after a group of boys stormed the man of God, accusing him of allegedly sodomizing them and shattering their bums.

The shocking revelation was made known by renowned blogger Ndugwa Kakensa  of Kakensa Media, who published a video in which the sodomized boys are seen battling with the police and Kayanja’s bodyguards.
One of the sodomised boys confronting Kayanja’s bodyguard Aggrey

According to the video shared by Kakensa, the yet to be identified boys are seen pelting stones at Kayanja’s bodyguards led by a one Aggrey who are preventing them from accessing the facility.

The police and Kayanja’s bodyguards then teargas the relentless boys who keep shouting vulgarities at them.

One of the boys is heard shouting at Kayanja’s bodyguards asking them in vernacular that; “What do you want with me. You already destroyed my anus now you are chasing me away; why?”

The footage however doesn’t indicate whether the boys were later arrested or Kayanja managed to come and settle their matter, because according to them they are seeking justice for being sodomized and not given what they were promised.

Another sodomised boy being calmed down by one of Kayanja’s bodyguards

However, although Kayanja is yet to come out and issue a statement about this matter, it should be noted that his name has always featured around sodomy scandals.

It should also be noted that whereas there were policemen at the scene who teargassed the sodomized boys, the Uganda Police are yet to issue a statement about this saga and whether they arrested the boys or not.

The police came in to teargas the sodomised boys and chase them away from Miracle Centre Church premises

Actually, in 2012 a group of pastors led by Martin Ssempa and Solomon Male dragged him to court for allegedly sodomizing several boys at his church but he won the case and the pastors were fine Shs1M each and sentenced to community service at Mulago National Referral Hospital.

Video footage shows the sodomized boys confronting Kayanja’s bodyguard Aggrey

Pastors Male, Ssempa, Michael Kyazze and Robert Kaira, together with Ms  Deborah Anita Kyomuhendo, a businesswoman and David Mukalazi, a musician, were convicted by Buganda Road Grade I magistrate, Julius Borore.

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