Battle For Busoga Throne: Royal Chiefs Depose Nadiope, Elect Muloki Wambuzi As New Kyabazinga

Battle For Busoga Throne: Royal Chiefs Depose Nadiope, Elect Muloki Wambuzi As New Kyabazinga

By Ivan Mwine

A bitter war has erupted within Busoga Kingdom after the Council of Chiefs also known as Busoga Chiefs Royal Council, issued a declaration deposing the reigning Kyabazinga William Gabula Kadumbula Nadiope iv from the throne, seeking to replace him with his nemesis Edward Columbus Wambuzi Muloki.

Nadiope’s deposition from the throne is enshrined in a notice written by the Busoga Chiefs Royal Council addressed to the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development, the Speaker of Parliament and the general public, notifying all and sundry that Muloki is the new Kyabazinga.
Public Notice from the Busoga Kingdom Council of Royal Chiefs about the deposition of Kyabazinga Nadiope from the throne

The Notice which was stamped ‘Received’ by both the Ministry of Gender and the office of the Speaker of Parliament, indicates that the decision to depose Nadiope and elect  Muloki as the new Kyabazinga was unanimously taken  by all Chiefs that make up the Busoga Chiefs Royal Council after  holding several consultative meetings.

The Chiefs however do not divulge details of why they reached such a drastic decision or show any cause for the same, because they do not allay any accusations against Kyabazinga Nadiope.

However, although Isebantu Nadiope is yet to issue a statement about this impasse, it should be noted that the battle for the Busoga kingdom throne has been raging on for several years ever since he was enthroned in 2014.

Ever since Nadiope’s reign started he has faced stiff opposition from some Royal Chiefs that from the word go rejected him as their Kyabazinga, arguing that he was not fit for the position and many of his opposers have always supported Muloki, whom the claim is the rightful heir of the former late Kyabazinga Henry Waako Muloki, who passed away in 2008.

The war started in 2014 after both Nadiope and Muloki were elected Kyabazinga, whereby whereas most Basoga and the Council of Royal Chiefs had elected Muloki, the central government led by then Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadagga, favoured and sponsored Nadiope to take over the position, leaving many kingdom loyalists unhappy.

The battle for the throne worsened in 2015 after Muloki attempted to throw his brother Nadiope off the throne until government intervened through urging both parties to dialogue and solve the matter amicably.

But when a peaceful resolution of the matter failed, the army stepped in and oversaw the securing of Nadiope as Kyabazinga by giving him military escorts to always ensure his security is not compromised.

Going by the latest developments, it is not clear whether he will abdicate the throne or fight till the last man to continue his reign, but we as Exposed Uganda, shall be here to give you the updates.

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