Battle For Sexiness: Recho Ray, Lydia Jazmine Flaunt Curves

Battle For Sexiness: Recho Ray, Lydia Jazmine Flaunt Curves

By Ivan Mwine

It seems singers Lydia Jazmine and Recho Ray are involved in some sort of battle for sexiness.

This comes after our Moles landed on a series of both Jazmine and Recho’s bikini snapshots, in which they unwaveringly flaunt very juicy curves.

In the snaps that have since been analysed by our in-house photo experts, Jazmine is donning a two-piece yellow bikini, which clearly portrays all the physical and geographical features of her booty.

Mouthwatering Lydia Jazmine

Recho on the other hand is seen wearing an apple green crochet bikini which displays her juicy boobies and thighland, something that has sparked of severe scrotal eruptions amongst her fans.

Although neither of the two artistes is actually beefing each other, fans following them on social media contend that there could be hidden motives being entertained by each of them especially about who is sexier than the other, reason why they decided to share their bikini snaps almost within the same time frame.

Gorgeous Lydia Jazmine flaunts her sexy curves

It should be noted that Jazmine made headlines on Friday after pictures of what appears to be her Kwanjula (Introduction ceremony) fellow singer Wycliffe Tugume aka Ykee Benda went viral on social media.

Sexy Recho Ray proves she got it all

Social media went abuzz after photos surfaced showing singers Lydia Jazmine Ykee Benda at what appears to have been their Kwanjula ceremony and although the singers are yet to prove the rumours, word has it that she introduced him to her parents at a private, scientific  ceremony in order to observe the COVID-19 SOPs.

Rapper Recho Ray parades her curves

In the picture, Ykee Benda is seated on a chair while Lydia is standing next to him with an introduction themed background decorations written on Lydia Introduced Ykee

Lydia Jazmine and Ykee Benda during what appears to be their Kwanjula

However, many of their fans have since rubbished the said Kwanjula as a stunt hatched up by Jazmine and Ykee Benda to promote a new song they are set to release soon.

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