BBS TV Refutes Rumours About Gen. Tumwine’s Death

BBS TV Refutes Rumours About Gen. Tumwine’s Death

By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza


Buganda Broadcasting Services TV (BBS Telefayina) has debunked the trending fake social  media reports of a screeshot with its logo indicating that  security minister Gen. Elly Tumwine is dead.

The fake screenshoot depicts a photo of the tough talking minister with vernacular words below it announcing his death.

It should be noted that rumours about Gen. Tumwine’s health have been circulating on social media, being spread especially by National Unity Platform (NUP) leaning Facebook users for the past two weeks, with some going as far as announcing that he died but that the government is keeping it a secret.

However, five days ago, the Minister, through his official social media platforms, was forced to come forward and post a message making it clear that he is neither sick nor dead.

The fake news screenshot that circulated on social media about Gen. Elly Tumwine’s death

But some overzealous opposition supporters on social media especially Facebook  continue to tell the world that he is dead.

On Friday, Turkey based NUP supporting vlogger Fred Lumbuye, who is wildly popular with Luganda-speaking  opposition supporters, posted a video in which he claims that the former army commander is dead.

He went on to claim that the video of Tumwine speaking at Mbuya barracks during the Tarehe Sita celebrations was actually old.

Gen. Elly Tumwine’s post in which he refuted the death rumours

But this is not the first time the controversial blogger is posting wild claims about a public figure’s health.

It should be recalled that late last year he posted several videos suggesting that the Kabaka of Buganda Ronald Muwenda Mutebi was critically ill and at some point even claimed he was dead.

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