Beastly:  Bobi Wine Condemns Brutal Torture, Rape Of NUP Supporter By Security Operatives

Beastly:  Bobi Wine Condemns Brutal Torture, Rape Of NUP Supporter By Security Operatives

By Ivan Mwine

Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu alias Bobi Wine  has vehemently condemned security operatives in the country for allegedly abducting a female supporter of his National Unity Platform (NUP) party, who says she was brutalized and gang-raped by her abductors.

Marinos Alexandria shows the torture marks on her buttocks

Marinos Alexandria, a resident of Mbuya, a city suburb, says she was last month abducted from near her home by armed plain clothed men who bundled her into a vehicle and drove her to an unknown place where they detained her for several weeks.

Marinos said during a press conference that while her abductors severely tortured her using all sorts of methods ranging from being clobbered to being burnt with hot objects and severally  subjecting her to gang raping.    

She was burnt all over the body with hot objects

The victims said that after several weeks of being tortured and gang-raped at  what she suspects to be the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) headquarters in Mbuya, her abductors drove and dumped her   in Kitintale before they sped off.

Marinos said she lay on the ground for a long time  crying out to Good Samaritans in vain, until a boda-boda rider felt pity and accepted to  take to her sister’s place in the same area, where she has since been  undergoing treatment.

Marinos shows aa wound on the head where she was clobbered

Marinos told the  press that her captors made it clearly known to her that she was being  punished for supporting Bobi Wine and defiantly playing her music even after she had been warned.

In a statement he posted on twitter,  the  NUP leader castigated the security operatives who allegedly tortured Marinos.

She displays X-ray images of her affected internal organs

Bobi Wine stated thus;

“For supporting #PeoplePower and  @NUP_Ug, this young woman Alexandros Marinos was recently abducted, severely tortured and sexually assaulted by security operatives at the CMI facility in Mbuya. Her ordeal is very difficult to listen to!

She has been living in Mbuya, not very far from the CMI facility. Before this ordeal, she had been warned against playing “Bobi Wine’s music” and ordered to stop supporting us- else she would face dire consequences! They made good their promise in the most evil manner.

Marinos shows her arm that was severely burnt by her abductors

Like many women who end up in these detention facilities, she says she was raped by the beasts who abducted her! Most people always fear to speak about sexual assault because of the associated stigma. Marinos said she’s speaking out to raise awareness and encourage others.

They said profanities to her, while kicking her, slapping her and whipping her with wires. The Museveni regime will go down as one of the most criminal regimes. It must simply be stopped. There must be justice to the countless victims of these crimes against humanity.”

Bobi Wine added that; “They warned her not to speak about this, before dumping her on a roadside. After speaking out to a few people, they attacked her again and tried to take her away 2 days ago. Neighbors gathered and the thugs fled. She went to police but they refused to take in her complaint!”

However, by press time neither the police nor the leadership had come out to issue an official statement about Marinos’ claims.

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