Beauties With Brains: Hottest MUK, MUBS Graduates Pt II

Beauties With Brains: Hottest MUK, MUBS Graduates Pt II

By Ivan Mwine

Dear our esteemed readers, we recently unveiled a list of some of the hottest graduates of 2022 from Makerere University and Makerere University School (MUBS).

However, on reading the article, many of you posed several questions and the salient one was whether the beauties we unveiled were really the hottest.

So, we asked you, our dear readers to send you some snaps of graduates you believe are the hottest.

Well, after doing a thorough compilation of all the snaps you guys sent in, we are now more than glad to unleash the next batch of the juiciest graduates from MUBS and MUK.

Meanwhile, our Moles are compiling a list of  hunks with brains who also graduated from the same universities this year so all you have to do is watch this space!

Beine Shine

Mulinde Miriam

Ahumuza Julian
Comfort Akamumpa
Gloria Nakitto
Leslie Aine
J Houdie
Nahabwe Martha
Asiimire Chloe
Nyashima Prudence
Tracy Nayiga 
Remmy Omar

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