Beauty & Brains: Hottest MUK, MUBS Graduates Of 2022 Crowned

Beauty & Brains: Hottest MUK, MUBS Graduates Of 2022 Crowned

By Ivan Mwine

They say credit deserves where it is due and there is no one who deserves lots of credit like a beauty with brains.

There are tens of thousands of belles who graduated from Makerere University, Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and other universities around the country.

However, like they say, we are all equal but some people are more equal than others.

So, in the same vein, among those who graduated, there are some who stand out because of their exceptional beauty, which is a very rare phenomenon to come by.

Despite their beauty, these queens rejected all the temptations from sugar daddies and loaded city dudes to pursue their degrees until they finally attained them.

Now that they have graduated, we know suitors are already warming up to chew them but what better way to hail these beauties than crowning them queens!

Although they are very many, here are the hottest graduates from MUKK and MUBS of the Class of 2022!

Doris Angarukire


Fatuma Malomo
Isabella Nabaasa
Joy Turamuhawe


Lynda Vickie
Judith Nakaweesi

Kevin Emilie


Alyce Nalukwago
Kobs Fifi


Tumuheirwe Isabella
Nitusiima 09


Merci Bwetomera
Miss _Berna 98
Judith Musoni

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