Bebe Cool Advises Dan Magic, Youth To Stay Away From Bobi Wine

Bebe Cool Advises Dan Magic, Youth To Stay Away From Bobi Wine


By Kwame Ismail Nkurunziza

Music producer Dan Magic will probably not like what singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool said about his idol Robert Kyagulanyi alias Bobi Wine, but that didn’t stop the ‘Bamugambe’ singer from sharing his two cents about Bobi Wine and his political goals.

Speaking during an interview with a local television station on Wednesday, Bebe Cool, 42, advised producer Dan Magic who recently got injured in Kayunga during a scuffle between the police and Bobi Wine supporters, to stay away from the NUP presidential candidate if he values his life.

Bebe Cool said that Bobi Wine is pursuing his personal goals.

Bobi Wine with Dan Magic and his mother

Bebe Cool wondered why the dreadlocked producer can’t support Bobi Wine without putting his life in harm’s way by confronting security officers.

The father of six, who was speaking in vernacular, asked that; “Abo bafirira kyi? Omusaja gwebarwanirira alikubibye,” loosely meaning that; “What are they dying for? The person they are fighting for has his personal ambitions.”

When asked if he was not speaking because of jealousy Bebe Cool replied; “Wait and see what will happen if these guys keep confronting the security officers then you will know I was not jealous. This man is fighting for himself and his family. Look at his friend and singing partner  Nubian Lee whom he has worked with for all those years and who we all know is a better singer. What does he have? Does he have even a decent car or a house worth showing to people? The money that he (Bobi Wine) has made he has not made it here. Even me who has been in the music industry for twenty years only managed to complete my house recently.”

Bebe Cool went on to explain that; “People who say I am speaking out of jealousy; the good thing you watched videos of those gangs ordering women to remove clothes and you have also seen the same gangs harassing people and ordering them to get out of taxis. I saw Dan Magic with wounds. Did he know that the driver of that car had the intention of trying to knock those policemen? You don’t see Mickie Wine and other Bobi Wine brothers in these confrontations with security officers.”

Bebe Cool repeatedly suggested that people around Bobi Wine who are ready to do anything for him are naively putting their lives at risk for a man who is out to achieve personal goals.

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