Bebe Cool, DJ Michael Beefing Over Museveni Campaign Billions

Bebe Cool, DJ Michael Beefing Over Museveni Campaign Billions


By Mable Nakibuuka

A very bitter clash is raging on between singers Michael Mugwanya aka DJ Michael and Moses Ssali alias Bebe Cool, over billions of shillings that was released as facilitation for artistes who are traversing the country with President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni during his campaign trail. revealed a few days ago how Museveni had given Bebe Cool an assignment to recruit several musicians to back up the National Resistance Movement (NRM) cadres that make up his campaign team.

As expected, Bebe Cool had to compile a list of artistes that would be accredited by State House and consequently have their names submitted to the office of the State House comptroller Lucy Nakyobe, such that they could receive the payments.

But our Moles at State House reveal since the idea of including artistes onto the NRM campaign trail had been initiated by city businessman Balaam Barugahara, President Museveni tasked both Balaam and Bebe Cool to each compile a list  of pro-NRM artistes that have a huge following such that they could be included on his team.

However, the intimate that trouble arose after Bebe Cool canceled out some names of artistes who were on Balaam’s list, among them DJ Michael.

This has left DJ Michael spitting fire, without any kind words for Bebe Cool, whom he describes as someone who doesn’t wish him anything good.

When asked about his beef with Bebe Cool during an interview on Simba FM, one of the most popular radio stations in Uganda, DJ Michael said that he wonders why Bebe Cool hates him that much yet he has never done anything to him.

“I wonder why Bebe Cool hates me so much or what I ever did to him that he never accuses of. This is not the first time he is canceling my name off lists of artistes to perform at  NRM events,” DJ Michael said, adding that;

“He has done it so many times, he did it at Namboole and Kololo, yet I have never wronged him. Why does he behave like he owns NRM? I took him to Bryan White who gave him money and did a lot of  good things for him, but what has he ever done for me?”

DJ Michael added that; “If he thinks what he does will make me hate NRM or be hated by my people he is deceiving himself. He cannot own NRM.”

However, when the reporter asked Bebe Cool to comment about DJ Michael’s allegations during a phone call, the singer, who is headlining the NRM campaign trail, replied using very vile and obscene words that we cannot publish on this platform, because is a media house that conforms to the UCC Minimum Broadcasting Standards and regulations.

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