Behind Da Scenes At Tusker Cider Blankets & Wine Fest: Spice Diana Undresses As Slay Queens Resort To ‘Kwetega’

Behind Da Scenes At Tusker Cider Blankets & Wine Fest: Spice Diana Undresses As Slay Queens Resort To ‘Kwetega’

By Ivan Mwine

The much-anticipated Tusker Malt Cider Blankets & Wine festival finally took place on Sunday, at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

The festival was a huge success after the venue filled to capacity  by revellers  who enjoyed savoury nyamachoma as they gulped down  bottles of Tusker Malt  lager.

As the partiers gulped the beer and gobbled the nyamachoma they were also treated to thrilling entertainment from  Rwandan musician Bruce Melody, Nviiri The Storyteller,  Spice Diana, among other artistes as DJ Alisha did her best at spinning the discs.

The festival turned into a ‘Kwetega’ affair

However, Moles who were at the event reveal that it  was all about ‘Kwetega’, which is a vernacular slang that means a babe yearning to be hooked up by a man.

The Moles reveal that the percentage of partiers who went to the festival as couples was very low compared to that of the singles, which left hundreds of lonely babes to ‘Kwetega’ in a bid to find guys who could keep them company.

The lonely ones took solace in the booze

Those who were not successful in their  ‘Kwetega’  endeavours ended up seeking solace in the beer that was endlessly flowing; so many of them were spotted caressing bottles while others smooched glasses.

Sexy but very lonely babes like her were in plenty

 The   Moles also reveal that everything at the festival was happening as planned until singer Spice Diana stepped on stage and decided to make the crowd go wild with her very racy performance.

Some babes resorted to ambushing dudes

Spice Diana, who is known for staging wild and kinky performances, drove the crowd into a crazy frenzy after she pulled off her pants while on stage, something that left several dudes dripping with blessedness.

Even the B & W crew also took off time to enjoy

It should however be noted that this was the  first Blankets & Wine festival following a two-year  hiatus that was brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic which led to the suspension of concerts and festivals, until the ban was lifted in January this year.

It was all about Kwetega and you get plot for the day
Those who didn’t get hookups decided to ride solo
Slay Queen Cecile decided to parade her curves for guys to admire
Ready for Plot: A Squad of Slay Queens storms the festival
With no guys to buy them booze, these babes decided to storm the counter themselves
Rwandan artiste Bruce Melody doing his thing on stage
Tusker Malt kept her company during the scarcity for dudes
One of the sexy but very lonely slay queens at the festival
They stormed the festival ready to party
Marcus Kwikiriza also stormed with his ‘Party Brigade’
With no dude to keep them occupied, these ones resorted to social media
Vivian decided to try out her luck on Santo

These sexy usher left a smile on most men’s faces
Even our friends from the European Union also represented

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