Belgian Volunteer Marlaine Gives Orphans In Uganda, DR Congo Hope For Better Future Through ELIMM

Belgian Volunteer Marlaine Gives Orphans In Uganda, DR Congo Hope For Better Future Through ELIMM

By Ivan Mwine

As a way of uplifting the lives of children and people living in  ghettos in East Africa, Belgian volunteer Vandendriessche Marlaine has embarked mission  of educating, skilling and helping children in Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

Through her Nongovernmental Organisation (NGO) known as ELIMM (Expand Love International Mission Ministries) Marlaine is implementing charitable projects in Uganda, particularly in Kampala and Mbale Districts,  and in Bukavu, DR Congo, where she is supporting orphanages, schools, churches and health facilities, etc, all aimed at fighting poverty amongst communities and promoting well-being.

Some of the orphans who are being supported under ELIMM

Running along the theme ‘Mission Possible’, Maraline, through ELIMM, teamed up with Pastor Anthony Waniaye and together they started up Living  Grace Healing Ministries, under which they run churches and several charitable projects in Africa.

Pastor Waniaye, who is the director of Living Grace Healing Ministries, has worked so hard together with the other members who made it possible to construct the church and to continue funding  the charitable projects in Africa.

It’s the work of many hands and through communication with Pastor Waniaye that several projects under ELIMM have been successfully implemented and there are future plans for the church in order to be able to do more charitable work and make people self sustainable.

These are some of the members of Living Grace Healing Ministries

According to Marlaine, a trained expert in Poverty and Social Exclusion, ELIMM is an association, based in Belgium which is dedicated to strengthening the most vulnerable in society, although it runs projects in Africa and Belgium.

“Our projects focus on children and women and give assistance tailored to the individual and groups,” Marlaine told this website.

She added that; “We mainly work around basic human needs such as housing, health, education, employment, law, participation and entertainment with a strong team of volunteers and a qualified expert in poverty and social exclusion.”

Some of the medical equipment that were donated to Rehma Maternity Home through support from ELIMM

She noted that; “We approach and encourage these precious people and together we seek out their gifts, talents and dreams. We stand for the most vulnerable in the society .”

She also revealed that ELIMM mainly works with people who want to volunteer in Belgium and Africa to tackle poverty and social exclusion, which is a complex problem.

“It is a tangle that affects all basic needs and is difficult to bridge alone. Together we set up smaller projects to collect for our cause in Africa, Marlaine said, adding; “Together with the local church in Gulu (Uganda/Africa) we assist the community with advice and support, education, housing, health, work, law, participation and culture are the various domains we work with. Above all, we empower people so that they can be self-sustainable. 

About ELIMM For Uganda

ELIMM FOR UGANDA is a 4th pillar association that focuses on church community and various organizations in the capital of Kampala and Mbale, and other districts in East Africa, Kenya and the Republic Congo we work together on projects around empowerment and trained expertise in poverty and social exclusion.

The association was founded in 2016 and is a member of the Solidarity Action and Advisory Council in Sint – Niklaas (Gross) and the Province of East Flanders.

ELIMM consists of an enthusiastic voluntary team, of which Marlaine is the founder and director.

She noted that; “Our goal is aimed at both helping church and congregation and putting the less fortunate back in their strength with a view to child and family and the development of the basic needs in the different areas of life like education, housing, health, participation, leisure, law, work.” 

“This gives us the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective. We encourage various target groups to discover their own strengths and talents and to reflect on their own self-image,” she added.

One of the successful projects that have been funded under partnership with ELIMM is Rehema Maternity Home and health center in Mbale District, which has been supported in the last 5 years by the city of Sint Niklaas and the Province of East Flanders. 

Marlaine says; ” I searched for funds and through our own small projects Elimm also added 20 % of the supported funds of the Province East Flanders and the city Sint Niklaas.”

Vandendriessche Marlaine, the director ELIMM

In particular, the Maternity Home has received support in form of sanitary facilities, beds and accessories, medical devices and solar system for electricity were provided. 

The other project being implemented through support from ELIMM is Excell Talents Academie Mbale, which is a primary school that is supported by the City of Sint Niklaas. 

In the past five years, the school has received support to build classrooms, girls’ sanitary wing, kitchen, etc…which were built through ELIMM and later received materials such as teaching benches, toddler chairs and sports equipment.

 The school has 365 pupils of which 100 children are actually orphans, although it still needs support to improve the sleeping areas or dormitories.

For all projects, funders and sponsors for the many children are welcome.

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