Betrayed And Dumped: Katatumba Outs Song For Ex-lover Daddy Andre

Betrayed And Dumped: Katatumba Outs Song For Ex-lover Daddy Andre


By Nellie Nakitende

After her breakup with singer cum music producer Andrew Ojambo aka Daddy Andre, wealthy musician Angella Katatumba took to her social media platforms and expressed how terrible she felt just after pictures of Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s ‘kukyala’ circulated on social media.

On Monday morning, the diva called a press conference to launch her song ‘Emotional’, which depicts a failed  relationship between two people who never came to an agreement about their relationship.

A depressed Katatumba expressed her feelings of betrayal after being dumped by her estranged ex-lover Daddy Andre, who later hooked with Nina Roz.

In a recent interview Katatumba came out and assured her fans how he (Daddy Andre) declined to have an HIV test that she had requested him to do, which resulted into their separation.

The relationship between the two then turned sour only for her to get shocked by Daddy Andre’s visit to fellow singer Nina Roz.

Katatumba is daughter and heiress of late Prof. Bonny Katatumba, proprietor Katatumba Academy, Hotel Diplomate, Katatumba Village, AFK Beauty Clinic, Katatumba Suites currently Shumuk House, among others.

She came into the limelight in 2005 as a talented musician and since then she has never looked back. The singer, who is known amongst the richest female musicians in Uganda and East Africa, released a song with Daddy Andre titled ‘Tonelabira.’ One may say it was a farewell in disguise.


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