Betty Mpologoma Lands Dr Tee In Trouble: His UK Based Wife Bashabire Snatched & Married Off By Another Man

Betty Mpologoma Lands Dr Tee In Trouble: His UK Based Wife Bashabire Snatched & Married Off By Another Man

By Ivan Mwine

Ugandan music producer and songwriter Travis Kazibwe aka Dr. Tee is  so  sad and blue after  his estranged wife Mariane Bashabire, who is based in the United Kingdom got married to a new man over the weekend.

Dr. Tee with Mariane Bashabire on their wedding

Bashabire, who  got married to Dr. Tee in 2014, decided to estrange herself from him after she learnt that he was juggling her with musician Betty Mpologoma and other women.

Dr. Tee sealed his reconciliation with Mpologoma after he recorded a duet with her titled ‘Faasi Faasi’ which kept them close for a long time, something that didn’t amuse Bashabire at all.

Mariane Bashabire with Abdul Malik on their wedding day

Following the bitter rift between them Bashabire, who had started up a music recording studio for Dr. Tee in Mengo, decided to ditch him and concentrate on her Kyeyo stint in the UK and had not been known to date another man until news of her wedding dropped.

Moles reveal that Bashabire’s new husband has since been identified as Abdul Malik, with him she exchanged vows at an Islamic wedding ceremony also known as Nikah.

Betty Mpologoma caused trouble for Dr. Tee

The Moles intimate however that Bashabire is related to former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s lawyer Muhammad Mbabazi, who is said to have played match-maker between the two love birds.

It should be noted that although she ditched Dr. Tee, Bashabire has tots with him she produced some years back when they were still in deep love.

Dr. Tee with Betty Mpologoma

Meanwhile, Moles reveal that the only person who stands to benefit from this saga is Dr. Tee’s baby mama Grace Malaika, who had for a long time been beefing with Bashabire over him.

We hear Malaika is preparing to officially take him over as her hubby now that she has no competition following Bashabire’s moving on.

Dr. Tee’s baby mama Grace Malaika is having last laugh

By the way, the last we heard about Dr. Tee was that he had decided to become a born-again pastor, although it is not clear whether he is still a man of God or he backslid and reverted to living a secular life since he is not known to minister at any church.

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