Bidden Breaks Record: Garners Most Votes  In America’s Election History

Bidden Breaks Record: Garners Most Votes  In America’s Election History


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Joe Biden has made history after he received more votes for president than any other candidate in U.S. election history, with more than 69.5 million tallied as of Wednesday morning.

By Thursday morning, tallies from the Electoral College indicated that Biden had garnered 264 votes, while the incumbent President Donald Trump is trailing with 214 votes.

Biden broke Barack Obama’s vote record after he surpassed the votes that the former president garnered during the 2008 election.

Donald Trump Vs Joe Biden Results so far

Addressing supporters, Biden said he “believes” he will win. He flipped Arizona and Wisconsin, while taking California, Washington, New York and Illinois.

However, US President Donald Trump claimed victory prematurely and has continued to falsely claim ballots counted after Election Day signal malfeasance. He took Florida, Ohio, Iowa, Missouri and Texas.

Early voting surged to unprecedented levels, with just over 100 million early votes cast either in person or by mail before polls opened on Election Day.

Protesters demanding every vote to be counted

The US set a one-day record for new coronavirus cases on Wednesday with at least 102,591 new cases and as hospitals in several states reported an increasing number of patients, according to a count from the Reuters news agency.

Nine states reported record one-day increases in cases on Wednesday: Colorado, Idaho, Indiana, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, protesters gathered outside the Clark County elections office in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Wednesday evening, chanting “Count every vote” as unofficial results showed Democrat Joe Biden with a narrow lead over President Donald Trump in the state’s vote totals.

The top elections official in Nevada’s most populous county said more results will be released on Thursday morning that include mail-in ballots received on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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