Big Eye, Full Figure Beefing Over NRM Campaign Money

Big Eye, Full Figure Beefing Over NRM Campaign Money

By Mable Nakibuuka

Singers Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye and Jennifer Nakanguubi alias are trading bitter words after falling out over money that was released  by the National Resistance Movement   (NRM) party to bankroll president Yoweri Museveni’s presidential campaigns.

Our Moles  within the NRM camp intimate that the beef between Big Eye and Full Figure  started a few weeks ago  when fellow singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool decided to strike her off the list of artistes who were hired to  be part of President Museveni’s campaign trail.

The move didn’t amuse Full Figure at all, who wondered how Bebe Cool would take someone like Big Eye and leave her behind,  yet she was the one who introduced Big Eye to NRM after presenting him and DJ Michael as potential party mobilisers.

“Why would they take someone like Big Eye to be part of the campaigns without even giving him any money to at least pay his rent first? He is the kind of person who is going to return to Kampala and he starts shaming the NRM by publically demanding to be paid,” Full Figure  told our Moles.

Full Figure added that Big Eye knows that she is one who helped him join NRM and that she has done a lot of things to help in life, although he has never appreciated.

However, when asked to comment about Full Figure’s allegations, Big Eye asserted that she has never helped him in any way and that she should leave him alone and mind her own business.

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