Big Eye’s Baby Mama Nalongo Donzella Rides Butt-Naked

Big Eye’s Baby Mama Nalongo Donzella Rides Butt-Naked

By Ivan Mwine

Every day that goes by leaves many parents and other concerned Ugandan wondering what picture Nalongo Sheila Nandege aka Donzella is portraying to her  children, especially because of her very kinky lifestyle.

Donzella who is singer Ibrahim Mayanja aka Big Eye’s baby mama although they split,  also has a set of twins from her Mzungu sugar daddy, who bankrolls her wild lifestyle.
Sheila Don Zella riding butt-naked

However, much Donzella is based America, where she lives with her family, the socialite seems to have forgotten everything to with African culture or setting an example as parent.

Sheila Donzella relaxing at a poolside

This comes after Donzella shares on social  snaps in which she is seen riding a mountain bike butt-naked.

Clad on sky-green costume, Donzella, mother of three, is seen wagging her glaring buttocks as she rides the bike, an act that has since raised the eyebrows of concerned Ugandans, many of them wondering whether she is battling fixation, arrivalism or she is battling rural-urban migration issues.

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