‘Big Head, Small brains’ – Comedian Salvado Blasted Over Police Brutality Comments

‘Big Head, Small brains’ – Comedian Salvado Blasted Over Police Brutality Comments


By Norman Isaac Mwambazi

The entire world is now aware of the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria where Nigerians are protesting against police brutality, and the government has deployed the military to take protesters off the streets by shooting them dead.

Numerous celebrities around the world have condemned what is happening in Nigeria, and Ugandans feel the Ugandan Police has also been brutalising Ugandans so the force needs to change its ways.

As such, the #StopPoliceBrutalityInUganda hashtag has been created by Ugandans to voice out their concerns about Police actions in the Pearl of Africa, but it goes without saying that it has faced opposition, just like most things.

One of the people who vehemently oppose it is comedian Patrick Idringi aka Salvado, who has since used his Twitter account to call out Ugandans to stop jumping on matters by bandwagon, and that the hashtag is far-fetched.

“Unfortunately in Uganda we only hear what we want not what is supposed to be heard. Let us stop jumping on every bandwagon of a trending global topic to seem relevant. Our Police isn’t perfect without a doubt but the #StopPoliceBrutalityInUganda campaign is farfetched,” Salvado tweeted.

The tweet has however fetched the man from Ombokoro ‘hot steam’ from tweeps and as we write this, he is being trolled by many tweeps who read his tweet.

One tweep, @AllanSseky, replied to Salvado’s tweet with the sentence; “Big head, small brains.”

Other tweeps have said that Salvado is saying all this because he has never experienced the wrath of Ugandan Police, neither has any of his close friends and family but when it happens, he will change the tune of his song.

To this, he replied thus; “I haven’t denied police brutality, I’ve been one of those to call it out but the hashtag was just a bandwagon effect courtesy of Nigeria, none of you had the b*lls to start it before and most of you disguised it with the #EndSARS movement. Let’s be original for once.”

It should be noted that numerous Ugandans have lost their lives at the hands of the police while others have sustained serious injuries.

However, putting these ‘errors’ aside, the Police have done some commendable work too at protecting Ugandans and their properties over the years.

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