Big Hit: Ang3lina’s ‘Fantazise’ Tops Ugandan Music Charts

Big Hit: Ang3lina’s ‘Fantazise’ Tops Ugandan Music Charts

By Ivan Mwine

This year is turning out to be very good for UK based Ugandan musician Angela Nabuufu aka Ang3lina.

Ang3lina as you read this is bobbing head high, after her new hit single ‘Fantasize’ thrilling millions of music lovers across the globe.

Information coming in from music analysts indicates that Ang3lina’s ‘Fantasize’, which is a love ballad, is performing so well that it has since topped the charts in Uganda, with other 52000 views on YouTube.

This is arguably her biggest project this year, although she has recorded other songs like My ‘Life’, ‘Go Down’, ‘Drum Drum’, among others.

The sexy singer is currently reeling from severe heartbreak that was caused her former lover and fellow singer Ricky Man of the ‘Bango’ fame, who was snatched by socialite Sheila Gashumba.

But the emotional problems she has been battling for the past few weeks haven’t deterred Ang3lina from pursuing her  other source of passion; music.

Ang3lina is a young talented female UK-based artist born on 25/02/94.

The new UK sensation has been exposed to music from a very young age.

At the age of just 7, she taught herself how to play the piano.

Her music talents progressed over the years, she furthermore acquired skills in song writing, Guitar playing and Music Software/Studio production. Her style of music ranges from Urban to Afro-pop.  

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