Blogger Nabawanda Trolled For Misleading Women As Her Weird Appetite For Fellow Babes Is Exposed

Blogger Nabawanda Trolled For Misleading Women As Her Weird Appetite For Fellow Babes Is Exposed

By Ivan Mwine

Popular Ugandan blogger Methia Nabawanda  is in hot soup after she was accused by netizens of allegedly misleading women by giving them false advice about how they should handle men, yet she is not married.

Trouble Nabawanda started when she appeared on Galaxy’s Red Seat show and during the interview, she urged women to make their own money such that they can be independent of men.

Nabawanda enjoying a cozy meal with her Wifey Joy Turamuhawe

“Wamma my gals make your own money so that men don’t excite you with material things that you can provide for yourself!  A relationship should be out of love and not because a man can provide,” Nabawanda said while at Galaxy FM.

She added; “Get out of that loveless relationship. There’s so many people out there who would make you happy and love you like you’re worthy.”

However, her utterances sparked off a barrage of varying opinions especially from netizens and Galaxy FM listeners, who started bombarding her with all sorts of verbal artillery.

But in her defense, Nabawanda explained that; “I was only telling women to make their own money and stop counting on their men for everything but everyone has a choice on how to live their lives, if you want to be the begger, well and good, but if you want to be an independent woman, I am rooting for you girl.”

However, the Netizens didn’t stop at trolling Nabawanda, they went ahead and dug up  some info, which indicates that whereas she purports to advise women  on how to handle  their relationships with men, she is not married and doesn’t seem to be into men.

Nabawanda gets a kiss from TV star Lynda Ddane

Apparently, Nabawanda is deeply involved with fellow babes, among them being a babe identified as Joy  Turamuhawe, whom she cherishingly refers to as ‘Wifey’.

Moles reveal that although Nabawanda hangs out with fellow babes a lot, she happens to have a special place in her heart for Turamuhawe, because their fondness goes beyond agape love.

Methia Nabawanda with wifey Joy in bed

The two usually go merrymaking together and last year they went for fun-filled vacation at one of the luxury islands on Lake Victoria.

The passion between Nabawanda and Turamuhawe has always left many eyebrows raised especially among people who know her, many of who wonder what chemistry is between them and why she never hangs out  with a man but with her only.

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