Bobi Wine Bodyguard Gadaffi Abducted By Armed Men, Detained In Safe House

Bobi Wine Bodyguard Gadaffi Abducted By Armed Men, Detained In Safe House

By Ivan Mwine

The whereabout of one of National Unity Platform (NUP) leader Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine’s bodyguards identified as Gaddafi Mugumya are currently unknown, after he was abducted from    his home in Wakiso district on Monday evening.

According to close family members who spoke to this website but preferred anonymity said that Ggaddafi, as he is widely known, was picked from his home in Nakuwadde village, Bulenga, Wakiso district by armed plain clothed men who threatened to shoot him when he tried to ask them where they were taking him and what charges they had against him.
The armed plain clothed men taking away Gaddafi

According to video footage circulating on social media platform Facebook, three men, one armed with an AK-47 assault rifle and the other a baton, are seen dragging Gaddafi away, ordering him to walk.

It is however not yet clear where they took him or what charges he is facing but efforts of family members to locate him at all police stations in Wakiso and Kampala districts have since proved futile.

Gaddafi’s family members now fear he could be detained in a safe house somewhere, being tortured,  because since his arrest the police have not yet contacted them  with information of where he is being detained.

On a sad note, even his boss Bobi Wine has not yet come out to issue a statement about Gaddafi’s abduction.

Mugumya Gaddafi (L) in a group photo with Eddie Mutwe and other Bobi Wine bodyguards helping MP Francis Zaake walk

It should however be noted that Gaddafi becomes one of the very many Bobi Wine bodyguards that have been abducted although at worst many of them have died under unclear circumstances.

Some of the Bobi Wine bodyguards that have so far died include; Francis Ssenteza Kalibbala, who was in December run over by military-police truck, No. H4DF 2382, which blocked Bobi Wine and his supporters in Busega as they headed to Rubaga to take a journalist identified as Kasirye Ashraf  to hospital for emergency medical attention following clashes with the police and military.

Daniel Apedel, another Bobi Wine bodyguard, was kidnapped tortured and later killed last year

Another Bobi Wine bodyguard that was killed is Daniel Apedel, 21, who went missing in May 2021 annd was later found dead.

Apedel, who was also a member of Bobi Wine’s Firebase Crew, was part of the ‘Soldiers’ Brigade’, a NUP wing that responsible for providing security to party candidates and members.

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