Bobi Wine Demands Arrest Of UPDF Officer Lt. Col. Kyabihende Who Commanded  Military To Attack Journalists

Bobi Wine Demands Arrest Of UPDF Officer Lt. Col. Kyabihende Who Commanded  Military To Attack Journalists

By Mable Nakibuuka

Robert Kyagulanyi  Ssentamu aka  Bobi Wine, the leader of the  National Unity Platform (NUP) party, has called upon the army to arrest and prosecute all officers who commanded the attack on journalists  at the United Nations Human Rights Commission in Kololo on Wednesday.

Among  the officers that Bobi Wine wants arrested is Lt. Col. Namanya Napoleone Kyabihende, who commanded the Military Police that had been deployed  to beef up police security  to start clobbering journalists, politicians and other Ugandans who had escorted Bobi Wine to the UN Human Rights Commission, where he delivered a petition to the UN to intervene in the abductions in Uganda.

Following the brutal assault against journalists that has since attracted criticism from several corners, the Chief of Defence Forces (CDF)  Gen. David Muhoozi, apologized on behalf of the  Uganda Peoples Defence Forces (UPDF), before he ordered the arrest and prosecution of six UPDF soldiers and an officer at the rank of Captain, who have since been sentenced to various short jail terms.

However, although the UPDF prosecuted six of its own for their errant behavior, Bobi Wine is not satisfied with the disciplinary action taken, because the commander of the attack on journalists, Lt.Col. Kyabihende, is still at large, freely roaming around the country and  was not among those who were prosecuted.

“Lt. Col. Namanya Napoleone Kyabihende, Director Operations Military Police (previously SFC) commanded the brutalisation of journalists and leaders at UN Office yesterday. He was named in the shooting at Kasubi tombs on 16th March 2010 which saw several people dead and injured,” Bobi Wine said in a statement on social media.

Bobi Wine added that; “He commanded the military interception on us in Busega on 27th December 2020 as we rushed Ashraf Kasirye to hospital after he was shot on the head during our campaign in Masaka. In Busega, as we pleaded to be allowed to rush Ashraf to hospital, Napoleon and his men, driving a military police truck run over our comrade Frank Senteza and killed him. Some of our comrades were brutally beaten and are still nursing wounds.”

The NUP leader continued that; “He commanded the military raid on my campaign team in Kalangala Island on 30th December 2020, an ambush which saw over 100 of our comrades arrested and tortured. Most of them are still languishing in Kitarya prison. Yesterday, he personally beat up NTV journalist Cliff Wamala. Today, when the military paraded soldiers that they claim to have beaten journalists, I did not see Namanya. This should teach everyone that in Uganda today, some people commit crimes while others pay for the crimes.”

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